Truly unfortunate break for both the young righty and the Great Pinstriped Satan. Although I hate the Yankees and wish them nothing but ill, this is still never something that’s good to see. What’s been weird for me is that some of the commentary is making it sound like Pineda’s career is over, which it clearly isn’t. I get that it’s an important year for his development and all that, but unless his arm falls off, he’ll still have a lot of time to grow when he get’s healthy.

As to how this makes the trade look, well… when it first happened, I was thrilled to see Montero dealt away, because in his limited time in the bigs last year, he looked like the real deal to me. Obviously, behind the plate, he’s still got a ways to go, and the Mariners might just DH him for a while or forever if he produces enough. Still, though, at the time, and even today, it seems to me like a good deal, or at least an understandable deal, and one that would benefit both teams. The Yankees just got a crap break.

And I am ever astounded that Brian Cashman still has hair, although I guess not having George around has made his life a bit easier. Always figured he’d be bald by 2005 at the latest.

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