Number aren’t everything

Don’t have much to add to this piece by Christa Carone in AdAge. It perfectly expresses the sort of stuff I’ve written before about how empirical research, which is incredibly useful, isn’t the be-all and end-all of PR/marketing because numbers and data can’t teach you how to write. This graf sums it up:

Indeed, marketers “know” more than ever. We have information about our customers’ needs, preferences, purchase histories and spending patterns, and insight about the messages that prompt them to act. Thanks to social-listening tools, we also know what they are saying about our products, services and our brand. And that’s the tip of the iceberg. I wouldn’t want to give up the data that helps us make fact-based decisions quickly. But I fear that marketers’ access to and obsession with measuring everything takes away from the business of real marketing. It’s impossible to measure squishier, meaningful intangibles, such as human emotion, personal connection and the occasional “ahhhh” moment. Those things often come with a marketer’s intuition, and they deliver big-time.

Yep. Read the entire thing. It isn’t long.

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