It’s the Masters, not the Mistress!

Hoo boy. The Masters is once again hearing it for the fact that they won’t let no light-headed, faint-hearted wimmenfolk into their little club. And who could really blame them? See how the ladies are complaining that they can’t join? Proof positive that any female members would just get all whiny and emotional and start talking about their feelings! Check and mate.

Nah, but seriously. This is the sort of issue that I’m flagging now because it’s sure to pop up on the marketing and PR sites that I read (many of which I do like and will add to my blogroll when I get around to it). It’s certain to be accompanied by questions of how the Masters should handle this and what their strategy should be for not trying to alienate women who appreciate golf and whether advertisers for the tournament should blah blah blah.

Y’know how Mr. Payne and his friends can remedy this bad publicity right easily? Allow women to join Augusta National. That, dear readers reader person who read the first paragraph and didn’t bother to finish, is all they need to do. It only takes one sentence to say it! And the Gray Lady ain’t covering herself in glory on this one, either (see also).

UPDATE: Feature article right now. It’s front and center on the website.

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