Of JetBlue and tennis rackets

WARNING: This post is going to complain about ponder a business practice that doesn’t make sense to me. Didn’t think my bitching would ever extend to aviation luggage policies but here we are.

On my trip to Puerto Rico, I planned to bring tennis rackets so I could play some tennis. I’ve got a bag that carries three rackets and I figured I’d bring that as one of my carry on items for my JetBlue flight to San Juan.

Last time I flew over water, though, I was instructed that my tennis rackets constituted a potentially deadly weapon and I had to check them at a cost of $200 (damn you, Qantas!). Because of that, I figured I’d better check with the folks at JetBlue to see whether bringing my rackets on board was kosher. Because I was too lazy to call, I used Twitter:

To which they responded:

The Twitter people at JetBlue, very thoughtfully, sent me this tweet to follow up:

If you click on the link to the section about rackets, it reads:

A tennis racket may be carried on the aircraft and counts as one carry-on item.

Easy enough, eh? But there was a problem. I wanted to bring more than one racket, so that at least one friend could play. The lit says I can only bring one. So, I inquired:

To which JetBlue responded:


If the size of the bag is the same… then what does it matter how many rackets are in the bag? One is OK but three will cause the next 9/11? Maybe I wasn’t clear enough about the bag size being the same regardless of the number of rackets. But I think, from the lit, that my interpretation is right. I’ll wrap this up by saying that the service was excellent on JetBlue, the pilot did extremely well to overcome some crazy-ass turbulence as we were leaving Boston and that I never even got around to playing tennis in San Juan.

So yes, while the main point of this story may be that I’m an idiot who spent time asking about bringing accessories only to never use them on the trip, I still can’t see how this policy make sense. Not mad or anything. Just bemused.

Also, H/T to Hubspot for teaching me how to embed tweets, which really isn’t very hard, but I still needed the help.

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