Getting Better

I find this sort of change the kind I can believe in very encouraging. Apparently, folks at teh Google are tweaking their algorithm to penalize people who try to craft the best SEO without actually having valuable content to back that up:

This algorithm update is working to level the playing field for sites without as many resources to dedicate to SEO. Matt explained the changes as “trying to make the algorithm more adaptive,” or being more understanding of sites that have good content even if it isn’t search engine optimized like many marketers have learned to do. The sites that will be penalized are those that “throw too many keywords on the page, exchange way too many links, whatever they’re doing to go beyond what a normal person would expect.

We’ve heard a lot of stuff in class about the value of keywords, searchable content, the value of sub-heads and on and on. All of the stuff that makes your site SEO-friendly. I’m not going to say that I ignore that stuff, because I’m aware of it, but only to a degree.

Good content is what’s remarkable. I’m never had any intention of changing my content to include the optimal percentage of keywords or the quantitatively best number of subheads or whatever. I believe that content created by me (and lots of other smart people) can stand out on its own. I’m better off trying to do that than making every eighth word the same thing so that a search engine will like my writing more. Seems like Google’s adjustment is moving in my direction and in the direction of people who focus more on their work than a formula. I think that’s a good thing.

Obvious caveat: None of this is to say that SEO isn’t important or relevant or worthwhile and all that. It is. But I don’t think SEO, with respect to content, is the most important thing or ever has been or ever will be.

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