Apparently, Rick is gonna put a big microscope on the porn-watching habits of his fellow Americans… or is he?

Quoth TPM:

Rick Santorum has garnered quite a bit of attention recently for his animated remarks against pornography, and on two separate Sunday shows the Republican presidential candidate refused to cede an inch, doubling down on his crusade against “hard-core pornography.”

A recently added section on the candidate’s website declares that America is “suffering a pandemic of harm from pornography,” and laments that the “Obama Administration has turned a blind eye to those who wish to preserve our culture from the scourge of pornography and has refused to enforce obscenity laws.” The site goes on to say that the Justice Department “seems to favor pornographers over children and families.”


The sudden emphasis [mine – LFS] on pornography is a questionable strategy for a candidate whom top Republicans, eager to keep the focus in 2012 on fiscal concerns, worry has a tendency to get sidetracked with culture-war issues that are often a dead end with swing voters. While it animates a segment of social conservatives, battling pornography doesn’t make the list of top concerns for most Americans.

Hmmm… is it a “sudden emphasis?” Maybe. But if I had to guess, I’d wager that Rick’s stance on porn has been pretty solid his entire life. So is Rick the one focusing on this… or is it TPM and the rest of the bobble heads that will no doubt pick this stuff up?

For what it’s worth, if you don’t often read my brain droppings, I have zero sympathy for Rick Santorum or his views on most things. I don’t care if people watch porn. But I am amused by the way that TPM’s is being tempted! beckoned! forced! into covering this issue on which I am almost entirely certain Rick Santorum’s views have not changed whatsoever during his entire public career. And given what I’ve read about the laws on porn in the U.S and the way the two different parties prosecute those laws, Santorum is pretty much right about laws on the books being loosely prosecuted (which, again, I’d support).

So, no, Santorum isn’t charging ahead with an “Anti-Porn Crusade” (that’s the lead article on the site, btw, taking up a big part of the screen). He’s answering questions that people ask him and I imagine that he’d rather be talking about something else. TPM and other news outlets should look elsewhere to find who’s fixated on Rick’s views about porn. They can start by trying out a mirror.

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