I’ve been sitting on this item for a while. It was something that I read a while back and held onto because it was one of those pieces that affected my thinking for at least the next half hour (which is an eternity in Internet time, let’s not kid ourselves). Takes about 15 minutes to read. Give it a look.

More than anything, it drove me further into my tie-die-decorated cave of public service worship made me grateful for all the amenities that I take for granted pretty much every day. There have been two instances during my time in college where my laptop broke. First was freshman year and the second was junior year. Those two time periods combined, I was without a computer for about a month.

All I had to do was head to Mugar, which is BU’s library, where I can use a computer free of charge for as long as I like. Such are the benefits of attending an expensive-ass private college. And yet it was still a titanic pain in the ass. I was absolutely thrilled to have my computer back.

What would life be like if I didn’t have access to Mugar, the ability to borrow my Dad’s spare laptop and the knowledge that my laptop would return in due time? Very, very different. You don’t always have to read article about the LRA (more on them in a later post) to be grateful for 21st century America’s niceties. And yes, it’s very hard to keep all this in perspective when the concierge at your hotel is charging you money for your not attending a trip or bilking you $25 (!!!!) for a breakfast buffet (more on that in a later post, too) but we should all try.

..and that’s just Internet. Ever been really hungry for eight or ten hours? Hard to think about anything else, isn’t it?

No, this post isn’t any groundbreaking stuff you haven’t heard a shmillion times (are any of my posts?). But it bears repeating, I think, every so often, when it crosses my mind again.


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