Freedom is beautiful

Oh yes.

I worked at Quebrada, a coffee shop/bakery/dessert place for three or four years. One of the things Quebrada makes is cakes, which are delicious (especially the chocolate tort w/ raspberry filling). Not all the cakes were made to order, so we’d have some in store in case anyone wanted to pick one up for an event that day.

When those display cakes got older than a few days, we couldn’t sell them anymore but they were still good to eat. So, we’d sample them. Put ’em on a nice tray and give everyone a piece. And people went absolutely crazy. I’m still amused remembering how customers would have a slightly suspicious look, wondering what the catch was, and then how their expression would change when we explained that no, really, it was a free sample. People went over the moon.

It was a very small thing. No more than a few bites. But the psychological effect was pretty outsized. Getting stuff for free just makes us all really happy.

Props to Boloco. I’ve never been to Boloco before but I’ll be going at least a few times in the next month. And I’ll give ’em money, too, because I appreciate free stuff enough to pony up. I think this will work out well for them.

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