Flossing, flossing

Big props to Chris Brogan for channeling my thoughts exactly. I’d recommend you read the entire post in full, because his thoughts on practice are right on, but here’s the nut graf:

Flossing isn’t sexy. Running in the rain isn’t sexy. Eating more broccoli and less chocolate molten lava cake is very definitely not sexy. Practice isn’t sexy. But success is practice. Success is doing what needs doing every day. Success is the root system for all the shiny glamour you might be lucky enough to get in life. And success, my friends, is a wonderful practice in and of itself.

I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions and I probably won’t make one this year, but a few years back I made flossing my resolution. I’ve been able to keep it up for the most part. I think flossing is a good resolution for people because it’s quick, easy and if you miss a day, you don’t suffer from it, unlike running or working out. Chris ends the post by asking:

Who’s with me?

I am, Chris. I am.

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