But WAIT there’s more

Through teh Google and their RSS feed, I have just read four blog posts from PR peeps about industry stuff. Count ’em, one, two, three, four. What do these have in common? All of these people are trying to sell books (except for Jeff Jarvis at link four). This doesn’t really mean anything, it certainly doesn’t mean they’re wrong, but it does sort of amuse me.

I’d like to read the SEO one in full but I’m in class now and can’t concentrate on it. The Jarvis piece is very interesting. One excerpt:

* Supply of disinformation: Jay Rosen argued that we are seeing a disturbing trend in “verification in reverse:” taking a fact and unmaking it, until people don’t believe it anymore. He cited the birthers and climate-change deniers as well as Mitt Romney’s much-fact-checked and debunked campaign commercial. He said there is a growing supply of “public untruths.” He argued: “Verification in reverse should be a beat… We have to start ranking public untruths by their seriousness and spread — we have to start IDing the ones that are out there and influencing public conversation, even though they’re already being fact-checking… We have to start acknowledging what’s going on with systematically distorting truth…”

Jarvis is one of the more interesting PR industry type bloggers because he focuses on the creation, distribution and reception of information and not in a super abstract, occasionally irrelevant, Seth Godin-style way. That interests me a lot more than the usual endless repackaging of ageless, self-evident PR truths.

Update: Make it four of six. FWIW, I agree about the importance on narratives and storytelling. Also, maybe it isn’t fair to call Jeff Jarvis a PR industry blogger, because his background is in journalism, but he has written some stuff on social media, communication and that sorta thing. Not that all that stuff falls under the auspices of PR, but close enough.

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