Game theory, Week 10

OK. Fresh off an exhilarating victory last week (without Megatron, no less) my fantasy football team sits at 4-5, which isn’t great, but is a helluva lot better than 2-5, which I was a couple weeks ago. Gotta get back to .500 this week. But I’ve got some things to consider:

– QB: It’s Eli or Matt Ryan. And I’m torn. Matty Ice had a great game last week, but the Saints defense is tough. That said, the Saints offense is great and I see them putting up a lotta points even against a re-energized Atlanta D. So Matt might have to throw a lot.  Eli’s been terrific, no doubt. But the 49ers D is tough, and despite the fact that no sane person takes an NFC West team seriously,  that D has been tough all year. Crappy division and all, the 9ers are 7-1. And the G-men can’t stop the run, so Frank Gore might have a field day, keeping the ball out of Eli’s hands. And the Giants are on the road. And Eli, no matter how good he’s been, might shit the bed because he’s… Eli. And Nicks isn’t healthy. Leaning towards Matt Ryan.

– RB: Hoo boy. Rashard Mendenhall, Michael Bush or Mike Tolbert. Two of ’em will play, one will sit. Tolbert was a beast last week, giving me 20 points. Ryan Matthews is healthier, if not healthy, so that’ll reduce Tolbert’s carries. Bush will probably start, because Run DMC is still hurt, but I can see San Diego just smashing Oakland, which could put the Bolts up early and give Bush no shot at yards on the ground. But Bush, unlike Tolbert, is the main runner, so unless Rivers & co. come out and light the place up (eminently possible), Bush will get his touches. But predicting the AFC West is impossible, so who knows. And this is a Thursday game. So I’ve only got 72 hours to think about this.

Mendenhall I like this week. I don’t care if Ben’s been throwing a lot, I see the Steelers killing the Bengals in this game. Benson can’t run against that D and Dalton’s a rookie. I like the Steelers to get up early and for Rashard to get some good carries and yards. Leaning towards Rashard and Bush, although I’ma watch Ryan Matthews’ health throughout the week.

– WR: Miles Austin is hurt, so my decision has been made for me. Megatron’s back, Quan is on fire and Jordy Nelson’s on the Aaron Rodgers gravy train. No worries about this.

– TE: Tony Gonzalez. No way I’m starting Pettigrew over him.

– K: Sticking with the Iggles’ kid. I can see Vick, Shady & co. putting up 50 or so on the Cards this upcoming week. They’re gonna come out a wee bit motivated, I imagine.

– D: Stillers D over the Bills D. I don’t care if the Bengals are 6-2. I’ll believe in Dalton beating the Pittsburgh D when I see it.

That’s where I’m at. Any feedback’s appreciated.

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