Good, Good

One of the great things about the Internet is that there are always people around to make fun of Bobo. I read his piece early this morning and laughed. But I had no time to go through it. Charlie Pierce does the honors

I don’t think it’s too strident to demand at this point that David Brooks be hauled up before a jury consisting of everyone else in America and forced to defend himself against several million counts of being an insufferable twat in a public place. In today’s episode of Missing the Point So I Don’t Miss a Meal, Our Mr. Brooks informs us that he once again has placed us all under close inspection beneath his monocle and discovered that some of us are very angry, not because some thieves in nice suits pillaged the national economy and then held the scraps for ransom. Oh, no, that isn’t it at all, and he’s got some wholly arbitrary ad hocsociological categories to prove it.

Quite. Also, I noted the ‘Our Mr. Brooks’ formulation. Charlie certainly seems as if he’s been channeling Driftglass of late, who usually uses that moniker. More likely they’re just kindred spirits, united in revulsion at Bobo’s work. Read the whole thing.

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