The money’s all gone!

Well, the Kaplan Daily Washington Post has written an “article” that would embarrass any news organization that gives a crap about reality. Here’s Dean Baker taking them to task. And Krugman. And Digby.

As all those pieces above outline, and as I’ve written here before as well, SS is fine (with very minor tweaks). I’m trying to remember where I read it (edit: it was Kevin Drum and here), but there was some study of polysci people, of which an incredibly high percentage (60ish, I think?) thought that SS was in great trouble, money was gone, was a huge driver of the debt, etc. And that’s among people who actually pay attention to this stuff, let alone the majority of Americans who don’t.

So, WaPo: stupid or evil? You decide.

Update: Also too, Charlie Pierce.

3 thoughts on “The money’s all gone!

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