Tipping their hand

Press corpse corps: it’s not just for politics! Here’s the lede from an ESPN article about Chris Cooley, whose season has ended:

ASHBURN, Va. — The NFL has made Chris Cooley a millionaire many times over. During the NFL lockout, when he was banned from working with the Washington Redskins‘ training staff, he could’ve hired the best physical therapists around to help him with the left knee that was feeling stiff from surgery in January.

Instead, he figured he would handle it himself. He didn’t think the knee was that bad.

It was a decision that essentially cost him a season, and maybe his career. The knee didn’t recover. He missed almost all of training camp and muddled through five games, unable to run more than 10 yards without pain. He had the knee drained 15 times.

Yeah and the NFL owners could’ve not liquidated a collective bargaining deal that they had already agreed to in the pursuit of more money, especially given the fact that they’re already making money hand over fist. I wonder how many articles at tWWL during the lockout started with, “The NFL has already made Jerry Jones hundreds of millions of dollars. Jones and several other owners could stick with the existing, extremely profitable deal that they themselves their lawyers negotiated and signed. But now he and several other owners want more MORE MORE.”

I can’t remember seeing any ESPN.com articles that started that way.

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