New digs

Mike Lofgren, the former Republican Congressional staffer has post up on the Washington Monthly’s website dissecting a poor Op-Ed from (surprise!) Fred Hiatt’s Crayon Scribble page. The post is a good one; John Steele Gordon’s first distortion, which conflates wealth and assets, is one that I didn’t catch until Lofrgen explained it. That type of obfuscation falls clearly, for my money, into Evil rather than Stupid. There’s no way that Gordon doesn’t know better.

Lofgren’s piece is well worth reading. I didn’t excerpt any of it because you should check out the entire thing. I do wonder about Lofgren’s story, though. His previous essay, which I found through James Fallows, wasn’t just a complaint about the Republicans’ transformation in the past decades. That piece is filled with language straight out of the lefty blogosphere, language that you might find at Balloon Juice or Eschaton or any other of the usual suspects. This language is, of course, entirely accurate. But it’s rare, at least in my memory, to see someone emerge from the right’s team and so quickly adopt the terminology and logic of the “hard left.” Bruce Bartlett, outspoken critic that he’s become, still typically doesn’t employ this type of language and have this outlook. And Bartlett has pretty much been the most prominent apostate cast from the Republican movement in recent years (Andrew Sullivan does not count).

Anyhoo, I’d just like to learn more about this Lofgren feller. He has no Wikipedia page and my searches on teh Google have turned up nada. I’m not worried about Lofgren grifting, because this type of language won’t land him a gig on Our Fox News Channel MSNBC. I am, I’ve gotta admit, skeptical of people who claim to have a complete revelation and radically change their political stripes. Not that it can’t happen and be genuine, because it can. But memorable examples, such as that of a Greek socialite who married a wealthy Republican Congresscritter and fundraised for him before divorcing him for a whole lotta money and then starting a “liberal” website that profited from unpaid content that was created by people who actually probably gave a shit about liberal causes when our socialite was still fundraising before her MAHVELOUS EPIPHANY, well… it’s hard to forget a few striking examples of switch-hit grifting.

But as I said, the Washington Monthly won’t get Lofgren any big money. And I hope he keeps beating the drum. And that I can learn more about where he came from, when he realized that his team wasn’t in the right and all that jazz.

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