Good catch from Kevin Drum. Perry, in response to the fact that his tax cuts would give a significant tax break to the wealthy in a time of already-high income inequality:

But I don’t care about that.

Oddly refreshing honesty, as Drum says. Perry must think that this is to his advantage.

I read a piece earlier this morning, can’t remember where, that said Perry was gearing up to really throw some dirt at Romney, thinking that Perry will be the next-best option if Mitt goes down. Given Perry’s recent overtures to the birthers and the fact that the debates won’t be helping him any time soon, I can see this. The above comment about his tax plan pushes me closer to thinking that Rick’ll just go full-metal wingnut and see if it hurts him. And if Perry really is gonna go hard after Mitt, he could do some real damage. Lord knows that Romney’s got weak spots. I guess I’ll go make some popcorn.

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