Ummm no

From an article at tWWL’s soccer section:

Carlos Tevez‘s lawyers have written a letter to Manchester City alleging the club have “breached the player’s human rights”, ESPNsoccernet understands.

… no. They’ve benched him because he refused to play in Germany. I was originally sympathetic when Tevez used to bitch and moan that he couldn’t see his family, because despite the fact that me makes obscene amounts of money to play a children’s game, being away from your family is tough. But over the past few months, I’ve lost any sort of sympathy. The transfer saga, his refusal to play against Bayern and the fact that he’s generally a bad locker room presence and all that soured me on Tevez. City would be better off without him, as long as Dzeko and Aguero stay healthy and Balotelli doesn’t lose his head.

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