Beyond parody

A short while ago, Charlie Pierce had a post up that detailed Lech Walesa’s support for Occupy Wall Street and Walesa’s plans to soon get involved in the movement:

The fact that Lech Walesa apparently is planning to come to New York to visit the Occupy site is just about the coolest thing that’s happened since the movement’s reach began to spread. I am looking forward to hearing David Brooks and George Effing Will and the rest of the people react to the presence of a genuine hero without whom the likes of Brooks and Will — and just about every conservative on the planet — would not be allowed to lie all the time about Ronald Reagan’s having won the Cold War. (Hint: It was far more the doing of people like Walesa and his fellow Pole, the guy who was sitting in the Chair of Peter at the time.) It would also be hilarious to hear someone call Lech Walesa a Communist.

Remember that last line. Because, reading Pierce’s post, I had a chuckle at the idea of a American right-wingers calling a movement supported by Walesa communist. It’s funny, because even as reactionary and prone to liberal trolling as our “conservative” friends are, they obviously wouldn’t be so pig ignorant and clownish as to tar the OWS movement as communist, especially given Walesa’s involvement… right? They can’t possibly be that uncreative and half-witted. Right?

Well, take it away, Jonah:

I grew up anti-Communist. I remain anti-Communist. I share with my National Review colleagues and forebears an abiding hatred of Communism. And that hatred extends to ill-conceived, poorly articulated, envy-driven jargon from street radicals. But at the same time I’ve got to say there’s something truly refreshing, even reassuring, about the all of the Marxist twaddle coming out of these protests. These Red goons, buffoons, ruffians and tatterdemalions didn’t spring forth ex nihilo. They’ve been living among us all of this time. All that is new is the opportunity for them to out themselves in YouTube videos and the rest.

How can the Onion mock these people when they’re fully beyond parody? I dunno. Maybe it’s all part of their plan (via).

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