Rebel, Rebel

So apparently one of the dudes involved in Tahrir Square is advising the Occupy Wall Street people. Hopefully, he’s got some tricks up his sleeve that he can give the protestors here. And:

For another, Egypt’s democracy movement is also a movement for economic justice — one with personal resonance for Maher. “We want to improve the labor laws, the relationship between the owner and employees, because I was fired from my job several times and they were calling for security,” he says. You could almost imagine Maher, a civil engineer, on the We Are The 99 Percent Tumblr.

Yup. That sort of thing has broad-based appeal. Wonder how religious Maher is, ‘cuz I had to do some reading about Ali Shariati and the Iranian Revolution a few days ago. Shariati was big on social justice, lessening income inequality and all that jazz, but he saw that as something that could be achieved through Islam; or, more accurately, Shariati saw that as the essence of Islam. Wonder what Maher’s religious views are and if they inform his political activism.

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