AC 36Derp

Bob Somerby is righteous:

Cooper stood around tugging his dick Tuesday night when he should have been making Perry and Santorum stop their ridiculous talk-over-everything-Romney-says filibusters. (In one widely-aired clip, note the way he grins and chimps when the camera goes to him.) Hours later, he was still tugging his dick—and the kids at Occupy Wall Street were now in league with the Nazis!

What an absolute piece of meat is Gloria Vanderbilt’s best baby boy! The next afternoon, he was back on TV, doing his tabloid pretend-to-talk show.

His description of Dana Loesch is also one of the best that I’ve ever read. Pitch perfect. The entire piece is well-worth reading. I didn’t even catch Cooper inserting that bit of right-wing speak during the debate, but I might have zoned out at that point. I was drifting in and out after 90 minutes or so

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