Hermanator: Judgment Day

Two posts from Kevin Drum which present an interesting dichotomy, to use a fancy academic learnin-type phrase. The first one, which excerpts Greg Sargent at length, notes that Republicans are held to a different standard in terms of Serious plans. I think that’s true. Thirty years of declaring that tax cuts raise revenue, SS is a Ponzi scheme about to bankrupt the nation, single-payer will lead to Hitler Stalin socialism and all that junk they said about Clinton and Obama takes its toll. So much of what the right-wing says is so far out there that holding Republicans to normal standards of truth would require smacking down nearly everything the national party organs spew out. And Serious journalists aren’t going to do that because their paychecks depend on not doing so it just wears you down after a while.

But the second post links to a Tax Policy Center study that debunks Cain’s claim. Krugman has a similar post up today as well (which reference the TPC). Now, this makes sense from the Tax Policy Center and Krugman and Drum because they actually fact check things. But the Serious people are kinda on board for this, too.

They are whacking Cain on his budget plan now, which I didn’t think would happen, and I’m wondering why. Bush got away with murder in the 2000 election with his economic plan. But Cain’s getting a lot of crap now. Bllomberg dinged the plan. The opening question in the debate tonight was about the Ninetacular Nines. David Gregory (David Gregory!) came as close as he’ll ever get to actually pressing anyone on anything with Cain this past weekend. Too lazy to find the video, but Gregory came dangerously close to committing some journalism.

Is it because Cain’s plan is so patently ridiculous that the Serious pundits are finally throwing up their hands and saying, “Enough!” They can deal with Romney’s idea for fucking the poor promoting pro-growth policies, but maybe the Hermanator’s plan has finally made the GOP jump the shark for Villagers.

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