Sports-wing noise machine?

This is actually a pretty good article by Jeff Darlington at In the past 24 hours, since the Pats victory over the team that everyone despises America’s Team™, I’ve been preparing myself for the inevitable deluge of dumbass articles about Tony Romo and What This Means For Our Society. This will all come despite the fact that the Cowboys played an excellent game against an elite opponent on the road and came within one first down (or one stop on defense) from winning. That’s pretty good. There’s no reason for everyone to start wringing their hands about what this means for Tony Romo, because Romo played a very good game, as Darlington notes, and had the ball taken out of his hands during the last two sets of downs. If anything, question the playcalling, which is exactly what Darlington and monumental asshole Cowboys owner Jerrah Jones do.

But, tomorrow on tWWL, Skip Bayless will be out there at his infuriating best, inveighing about how this proves him right and Romo can never win the big game and Lebron sucks and everything else he always says. Darlington’s take should be the norm, but I doubt it will be. Because ESPN is to coverage of sports what cable news is to coverage of politics.

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