Magnificent. Everything that’s wrong with Politico in a single post. OK, well, it doesn’t have important people being granted anonymity for no reason, but this is still a great example of how Politico is crap. Open Mic Mike for the weekend. What fun! Question is:

In his new book “Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans,” Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels offers several proposals for restoring the nation’s long-term fiscal health. Among them: Overhauling entitlement programs, slashing federal spending and reforming the tax code.

Can the 2012 Republican nominee win with this austerity message pushed by Daniels, who himself demurred from a GOP presidential bid? Or would an aversion to spending and entitlement cuts by the electorate give President Obama an upper hand in his reelection bid?

Love the sleight of hand with “entitlements,” something that I’ve written about before. But this is perfect Politico. Person X says arglebarg. How will arglebarg play with the people? How do you perceive arglebarg? Dyou think soccer moms and NASCAR dads and bondage grannies will like arglebarg?

Nowhere, of course, is there any sort of discussion, reference or inquiry as to whether arglebarg  is actually true. Because seriously, what does that matter? Other questions you won’t find asked at Politico: is cutting federal spending a good idea when lack of demand is what’s mostly damaging our economy and slashing spending will only make this worse? Why do we need to cut Social Security when it’s never contributed a cent to the national debt or deficit? And why should we trust GWB’s OMB director on fiscal issues, given the fact that he was the freaking OMB director during the passage of the Bush tax cuts that contribute enormously to our federal deficit?

But groveling fealty to authority and power is what wins the morning, so Politico worries not.

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