But if you ask for a raise…

Kudos to ThinkProgress for dealing with Erick son of Erick’s latest trick. Also didn’t know that Trevino had done astroturfing for the Malaysian government. Weird. Or that some clown who writes for RedState works for Edelman. Given the fact that they shill for the CoC, that doesn’t really surprise me, but I still think that the largest PR firm in the world wouldn’t mix with the foaming-at-the-mouth variety of conservative. I’d imagine Edelman as more David Brooks or George Will types. You know, truly Serious conservatives.

Anyhoo, that TP report brought to my mind the one question I’ve had since Mighty Erick started up that 53% Tumblr: how much money does he make? I’ve never seen that question answered anywhere. And good for ThinkProgress for noting in their end-note (and earlier on, I think, in the body of the piece) that Erick never mentions his income

What’s he waiting for? If TP and everyone else who assumes that he’s rich is wrong, all Erick has to do is release his salary. No problem. Unless, of course, he is very wealthy, in which case he’d have reason to sit tight. Kinda reminds me of the situation during the NFL lockout. The inestimable Chris Kluwe lays it all out there for you.


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