A few links

Don’t have too much time, so I’ll pass on a few links:

– Glenn Greenwald’s post on on Occupy Wall Street and the Democratic Party. Well worth reading.

– Charlie Pierce’s round up of the GOP debate. I’ve never heard “chloroform” as a verb before, but that killed me.

BooMan on Steve Benen on the… elephant in the room / *ducks*

– Dean Baker on Bobo’s attempt to cut in on Tom Friedman’s action

– Krugman’s last line nails it

– Herman Cain’s 555 Deal 999 Plan favors… wait for it… wait for it… yup. The wealthy.

– I first saw this linked in a comment at Balloon Juice. I was sure it must be an exaggeration. Links took me to ThinkProgress, Feministing and then local papers. Yup. It’s true. And bad. Reeeeaaallly bad.

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