This is what I was talking about

Props to Kevin Drum for fisking the Robert Samuelson column that I couldn’t bring myself to write about. There was a passage in the Samuelson column that makes me think about one of my posts that pined for a information database. Drum excerpts this part, which also caught my eye:

The trouble is that the wealthy don’t fit the stereotypes: They aren’t all pampered CEOs, hotshot investment bankers, pop stars and athletes. Many own small and medium-sized companies. Half the wealth of the richest 1 percent consists of stakes in these firms. That’s double their holdings of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, according to figures compiled by economist Edward Wolff of New York University. Reid would pay for Obama’s jobs plan by taxing the people who are supposed to create jobs. Does that make sense?

When I read that passage, my mind jumped to, “I know that’s bullcrap. I just don’t know what article to look up to prove it.” Which is an unfair reaction, I know, because I might have that reaction to something that’s true. But still. On income inequality, I’ve read to the point where I just don’t believe any of the articles that cry, “Pity the wealthy!” My distrust of publications like the Kaplan Daily Washington Post doesn’t help.

But, fortunately for me, Drum’s got a handy link. He also read Samuelson’s sources, which I was too lazy to do. And it turns out Samuelson was cutting corners with his source. Still, though, I wish I’d been able to go to a database and look up that link Drum cited. Guess I’ll just bookmark it for now.

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