Talking heads

I guess this is the sort of thing that sportswriters and commentators are obligated to do, especially when their team craps out of the playoffs. Lord knows that the Boston media is still in conniptions about the Sox collapse and will remain pissy about that even into the bext year. But fer chrissakes. The Phillies won 102 games this year. Repeat: 102 games. I think the funniest part of the video is when the two guys mention the “hole” in the fifth spot in the rotation. That sounds like Boston sports fan levels of pamperedness. That team has four starting pitchers that could be the ace of any club in Halladay, Lee, Hamels and Oswalt. But then they’ve got Worley, who posted a 129 ERA+ with a 1.23 WHIP (not phenomenal, but remember, this is their fifth starter) and 8 SO/9 in 130 innings this year.

The Phillies are a terrific team. The problem they ran into is the same one that can drop any great team in October: small-sample size. Over 162 games, the Phillies were the best team in baseball. But the DS are only five games, which is why upsets can happen and, incidentally, this is also why baseball is exciting.

And huge props to Chris Carpenter, which not one of those gentleman in the sports clip mentioned. Dude’s had some serious injury problems, but clearly can still pitch at a Cy Young level when healthy and dialed in. He was fun to watch last night. Halladay threw two bad pitches and didn’t deserve to lose, but that’s playoff baseball. And that’s the way it should be.

Update: I’ll stick on this post from Erik Loomis at LGM. I agree about how much fun the LCS will be. And with his jibe at insanely entitled east coast fans, even though, of course, I am one. But I’m pulling for the Tigers over the Rangers. And team that takes out the Yankees gets a lot of goodwill. And I’ve always liked Leyland and Verlander.


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