Poor politics

I remember reading an article or opinion piece some time ago that described how Republicans were just destroying their longer-term electoral prospects for immediate gain. The person used “conservative” attitudes towards Muslims as an example. Demographically speaking, Muslims seem like a pretty good constituency for the Republican Party. They tend to be religious, conservative on social issues, family-oriented and American Muslims are typically pretty well-off, too. The same sort of deal applies to lots of Latinos, although I think they tend to differ from American Muslims on average in terms of economic standing. And yeah, obviously, these are all generalizations, but they aren’t unreasonable ones, given the cultures and societies from which Muslims and Latinos often arrive.

But then you hear stuff like this from Bryan Fischer, “Christian” and “conservative” talk radio host. You’ve got Pam Geller, Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and the rest of the crew as well. This sort of xenophobia might help Republicans now, but man is it hard to imagine Muslims forgetting this type of stuff. Lord knows that Democrats’ foreign policies aren’t overly sympathetic to Muslims abroad, but they don’t bash the way that Republicans and Republican media figures do here in America. I think it’s the same sort of deal with Latinos and the identification laws. Just really bad long-term politics.

It’s funny to me now, just reading over my post, that I forgot to mention how incredibly hateful, offensive and reductionist these arguments are. The fact that Republicans embrace people who say despicable things isn’t especially surprising; it’s only notable because this is really dumb politics and messaging.  And Republicans, for all their faults, are usually not guilty of that particular charge (via the above TPM link).

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