Doesn’t animate me

So now Scott Brown has been catching some flak for this exchange (careful, it’s a Fox link). Y’know, I am pro-Warren as can be. I think she’s one the country’s best chances to get someone in the Senate who actually gives a shit about the middle class. She’s devoted her life to that cause and I intend to work on her campaign.

But I just don’t care about this. He made a stupid joke. I don’t get how it’s demeaning or sexist. If anything, I think it would be demeaning if Brown had suggested she should’ve stripped & posed like he did to pay for school. Maybe I don’t see this because I’m a dude and some women might be able to set me straight on this. But I just think this flap distracts from a much better, much more solid argument. David Corn was just on MSNBC a little while ago and referred to Scott Brown as a “frat boy.” That’s not the narrative I want. Brown is owned, lock stock and barrel by Wall Street, as is most of the Senate (one of their true bipartisan endeavors). Elizabeth Warren, person who cares about the middle class, versus Scott Brown, person who gets lotsa money from Wall Street. That’s the narrative I’d like to see and Warren’s one of the few people for whom that contention is true. This kerfuffle just distracts from that.

Props to the Globe for putting this out there, which I’ve also thought about, but forgot to mention ’til I read the article:

That point is this: Brown has shown a propensity to play the victim whenever he is challenged, while his allies have taken virtually every opportunity to demean Warren and cast her as an elitist since even before she entered the race.

Warren, meanwhile, has a life story that is more blue-collar than Brown or the GOP have been willing to admit, and the first brushstrokes of it would surely be compelling if enunciated by almost anyone other than her.

This is also true. And more compelling, in my estimation, than trying to paint Brown as a sexist on the base of one dumb quip.

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