There’s something about her

An article from Politico that chronicles the consequences of Sarah’s sitting it out contains this amusing paragraph (via):

The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan, who risked his mainstream reputation to question Palin’s character, politics and even maternity, told POLITICO that now he can “get a life.”

“Helping to prevent her from getting her hands on power was one of my guiding goals once I realized the MSM was never going to do it,” he wrote. “I lost vast tracts of time and not a few T-cells trying to understand and expose this farce, and it’s a huge relief that this preposterous saga is over. Just knowing she isn’t a threat is a huge psychic relief if you care about America and the world.”

Yeah, Andrew Sullivan’s crusade against Sarah Palin was something to behold. Kind of a funny war to wage, though, wasn’t it? I’ve got no delusions about Palin; she’d be a poor presidential candidate and an even worse Commander-in-Chief. But would she be that much worse than Mitch Daniels? Or Paul Ryan? Both of those guys set Sullivan’s heart a flutter, much to the contempt of the reality-based community. Would the economic plans in Palin, Daniels, Ryan or Romeny or Perry administrations be that different? I doubt it. Don’t get me wrong, if something crazy went down, I’d rather have Romney in office rather than Perry or Palin. I’ll take the fraud over the incompetent in a moment of national emergency.

But overall, their positions would all be standard Republican boilerplate, because… they’re running as Republicans. Strange that Andrew Sullivan directed so much ire and vitriol at Palin alone. Maybe he’s been as tough on the other candidates. I dunno, ‘cuz I barely read him anymore.

Also, note how Sullivan “risked his mainstream reputation” by calling out Palin. Opposing an ineloquent, unlearned half-term governor from Alaska? A ballsy move that could’ve had Sully tossed from the royal court. Supporting a war that killed hundreds of thousands, displaced millions, cost trillions and left a black mark on America’s reputation that will last for decades? Meh.

Attaway, Politico.


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