Teh Mooslims are out to steal our Jeebus

Hoo boy. Resurrect Sam Huntington and get Daniel Pipes on the phone. Apparently, it isn’t just the FBI, it’s also U.S. attorneys with PowerPoint slides. Spencer Ackerman:

Danger Room has acquired a 2010 PowerPoint presentation compiled by an intelligence analyst working for the U.S. Attorney in the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Reminiscent of FBI training materials exposed by Danger Room in September, the PowerPoint warns of a “Civilizational Jihad” stretching back from the dawn of Islam and waged today in the U.S. by “civilians, juries, lawyers, media, academia and charities” who threaten “our values.” The goal of that war: “Replacement of American Judeo-Christian and Western liberal social, political and religious foundations by Islam.”

This is so self-evidently idiotic that it’s hard to know where to start when debunking it. Obviously, there are millions of Muslims who are law-abiding citizens. There are billions of Muslims worldwide who go about their business and have no desire to wage jihad against the West. There’s the fact that among the tiny percentage of Muslims who are violent radicals, many of those people are motivated by Western policies. So, no, they don’t hate us for our freedoms (our government has admitted as much, unbeknownst to many people, I guess). And I won’t even start to unpack the absurdity of referring to “Islam” as if it’s monolithic. I dunno how Andy McCarthy is getting so many people to listen to him, but this really is embarrassing and sad.

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