Quick hits

Don’t have tons of time and I’m low on patience after that Bobo post. So, link dump:

– Frank Bruni has a column that says.. nothing.

– Joe Nocera has a decent item about the Solyndra “scandal.” Also see the timeline by ThinkProgress on this.

-Kevin Drum has a nice piece on CEO pay.

– Paul Krugman is still awaiting the bond vigilante’s harsh justice.

– Greg Sargent has an excellent post demolishing the HE’S VILIFYING THE RICH!!!111 canard.

– Charley Pierce on voter suppression efforts. This issue needs to get more currency. Haven’t seen it discussed much outside of the blogosphere, but that’s not real surprising.

– Nice catch by Dean Baker. Major media outlets pull crap this like all the time.

Two posts from Bob Somerby about Melissa Harris-Perry’s much-discussed essay that appeared in the Nation. I haven’t got the chance to write about that yet, but I hope to do so soon. Maybe later today, time permitting.

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