OK, making fun of people at RedState who can’t write is way too easy. But Jeebus is this stupid. In the post where Erick son of Erick declares that there’s NOTHING TO SEE HERE and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with the fact that Rick Perry’s old hunting lodge was for a good while known as Niggerhead, mighty Erick writes:

In a move that was genuinely supported by people of all races in North Carolina, McCrummen earlier this year tried to paint tea party backed [sic] school board members as racist for restructuring a school busing program in the Raleigh area. Again, there were a large number of black residents supportive of the measure, but McCrummen’s reporting failed to get into that.

Really? People of all races in North Carolina supported Stephanie McCrummen painting tea party backed [sic] school board members as racist? Hmmmm. Bill Kristol’s may be is a miserable human being whose influence on foreign policy played a prominent role in causing the death of hundreds of thousands of people, the displacement of millions and a stain on America’s reputation that will last for decades, if not forever. But Bill Kristol can write coherently.

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