Money Matters

This sort of item is why I like Dean Baker a lot. I’ve never even heard of the idea of a financial transactions tax, at least I haven’t heard about it often enough to remember it, and I consume a lot of media. So how many people, the vast majority of whom pay a lot less attention to this crap than I do, have ever heard of the idea? Yeah.

I also didn’t know that Bowles is a director for Morgan Stanley until I started reading Baker. A properly functioning press would point out the fact that a person who works in a high position for one of the most profitable and tenured financial institutions on earth might not be entirely objective in deciding how best to “adjust” programs like Medicare and especially Social Security. But our press naturally feels no need to mention such a nettlesome fact.

And that health care calculator is pretty cool. If you get the chance, play around with it for a bit.

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