Fat Christie

Frank Bruni’s column today focuses on trivial bullshit (surprise!), but, for the most part, I’m in the same mind as Bruni. I don’t think Christie’s weight reflects any sort of major character flaw, lack of discipline, evidence of vileness or whatever. Bruni’s criticism that the mainstream press is too attentive to minor details and theatrics is pretty rich, given Bruni’s and the NYT’s actions during the 2000 general election, though. See Bob Somerby and How He Got There for more about that.

Anyhow, yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to me that Michael Kinsley and Gene Robinson are giving Christie crap about his weight, especially given the fact that NJ’s governor almost surely won’t run, but there ya go. I’m a helluva lot more concerned with the fact that if Christie did run, he’d propose cutting the corporate tax rate to less than half of his pant size or the total wins that the Jets and Giants get divided by two or whatever fuckheaded cutesy line his advisers invent. Still haven’t seen a comprehensive look at what Herman Cain’s ballyhooed “999 Plan’ would do to federal revenues in any major newspaper, blog or TV show, despite the H-man being in the news a bit more of late. Don’t imagine I will.

Update: I recant! Chris Wallace actually just asked Cain about the consequences of the fabled 999 plan! And he’s actually pushing Cain about this and following up! Ye Gods. I wonder what Herman Cain has done to piss off Roger Ailes…

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