Link Dump

… ‘cuz I’m short for time.

– Jon Chait on Annie Hall type stuff

– Greg Sargent on conservatives’ multi-layered defense on income inequality (original idea here)

– Kevin Drum has an excellent chart

– Bob Somerby has some worthwhile thoughts on the SS “article” in the WaPo

– I cackled like a banshee at the opening line of this piece from Charlie Pierce. I’m still trying to figure out Will’s motives for that editorial. Currying favor with the base? Flashing his conservative bona fides? Did Mittens do something to upset him? Because Mitt is, after all, the Serious, business candidate. That’s George Will’s dream, innit? Why is he so upset?

And Herman Cain might be in trouble, I hear. Stay tuned.


Terry Armstrong is not conceited

From the NYT blogs:

After an hour discussion about his tax plan, Mr. Cain paused before walking off the stage, saying, “By the way, folks, yes I am an unconventional candidate.”

“Yes, I do have a sense of humor. Some people have a problem with that,” Mr. Cain said. With a broad smile, he added: “Herman is going to stay Herman. Thank you very much.”

And then Cain followed up the interview by standing in front of a mirror naked and exalting, “Herman’s the best! Herman’s the best!”

The money’s all gone!

Well, the Kaplan Daily Washington Post has written an “article” that would embarrass any news organization that gives a crap about reality. Here’s Dean Baker taking them to task. And Krugman. And Digby.

As all those pieces above outline, and as I’ve written here before as well, SS is fine (with very minor tweaks). I’m trying to remember where I read it (edit: it was Kevin Drum and here), but there was some study of polysci people, of which an incredibly high percentage (60ish, I think?) thought that SS was in great trouble, money was gone, was a huge driver of the debt, etc. And that’s among people who actually pay attention to this stuff, let alone the majority of Americans who don’t.

So, WaPo: stupid or evil? You decide.

Update: Also too, Charlie Pierce.

no no NO

A woman The ANCHOR on MSNBC just said that Apple has something like $80 billion in the bank, which “more than the U.S. government.” Jesus tapdancing Christ, where do they find these people? The U.S. government HAS ITS OWN CURRENCY. It can PRINT ITS OWN MONEY. It can sell debt to finance things. Apple does not have “more” money than the U.S. government. They’re different entities; one is a private company, the other is a government. This is a profoundly idiotic thing to say. Thank God for our “liberal” news channel.

Right on

Charlie Pierce has an excellent post on the Serious Republicans who hurried off to the fainting couches when Rick Perry got a little birther-curious:

We will note for the record that every single one of these comments concerns the deleterious effects of birtherism on the GOP’s chances in the next election. In other words, birtherism’s main problem is not that it’s a truthless pack of lies, but that it’s a truthless pack of lies that is a political loser. It is a political loser because Trump is a clown, and for another reason we will get to in a minute. This is awfully good of you, fellas, but I have a few questions:

Exactly. Read the whole thing.

Stern Jaw

Peggy Noonan wants us to know that Paul Ryan is a deeply Serious man. I guess Nooners is trying to breathe him back to life after Charlie Pierce disemboweled Wisconsin’s most reluctant class warrior yesterday.